Poets-in-residence provide an ongoing series of lectures, screenings, discussions, and poetry readings. In addition to live events, these poets are the editors of the 1000 Books by 1000 Poets series. A calendar of events will be under continual development. At any given time, poets are producing posters, editing books, writing poetry or conversing with visitors on issues in contemporary poetics. On the hour before closing each day, an international poetry reading will be convened via Skype.

Current poets-in-residence (14 March – 30 March): Steve McLaughlin (Philadelphia), Cassandra Gillig (NYC), Kit Schluter (Providence) and Matthew Claudel (Cambridge, MA).

Former poets-in-residence (1 March – 14 March): James Hoff (NYC), Felix Melia (UK), and Kristen Mueller (Berlin). (14 February – 30 February): Sophie Collins (UK), Deanna Havas (NYC), and Danny Snelson (Philadelphia). (30 January – 14 March): Harry Burke (UK), Rui An Ho (Singapore), Sophia Le Fraga (NYC), and Danny Snelson (Philadelphia).

Past readings are in the process of being transcoded for a reading and exhibition archive.


Film screenings

Tuesday, 18 March – Thursday, 20 March 2014

Today’s film program features work by New Jersey-based artist Robert Barry, born in 1936 in the Bronx, New York.

The program is 20 minutes and will be shown at :00, :20, and :40 each hour.


Thirteen Pieces, 2012, USA, 20 minutes

Courtesy the artist.


Upcoming screenings

Friday, 21 March – Sunday, 23 March: Emily Wardill

Tuesday, 25 March – Thursday, 27 March: Lis Rhodes

Evening screening: Thursday, 27 March: Chick Strand  

Friday, 29 March – Saturday, 30 March: Raya Martin

Past screenings

Tuesday, 11 March – Sunday, 16 March: Erika Vogt

Tuesday, 4 March – Sunday, 9 March: Stephanie Barber

Tuesday, 25 February – Sunday, 2 March: Kevin Jerome Everson

Tuesday, 18 February – Thursday, 20 February: Barry Doupé

Friday, 21 February – Sunday, 23 February: Laure Prouvost

Tuesday, 25 February – Thursday, 27 February: Kevin Jerome Everson

Friday, 14 February – Sunday, 16 February: Ryan Trecartin

Tuesday, 11 February – Thursday, 13 February: Stephanie Barber

Friday, 7 February – Sunday, 9 February: Stanya Kahn

Tuesday, 4 February – Thursday, 6 February 2014: Leslie Thornton